Alarm Annunciator

10 Channel Alarm Unit
10 Channel Alarm Unit
Flexibility and simplicity were the main goals when the MS-10b was developed. It is flexible in configuring and applying as well as in programming. This has resulted a high graded Alarm Unit that can...
Dimensions: 144x72x75 (HxBxD)
Voltage: 18-28 VDC 150mA
5 Channel Alarm Unit
5 Channel Alarm Unit
The compact MS 5B Alarm Unit has a surprisingly wide range of applications.  Applications like showing the indication of watertight doors. Giving an alarm of Bilges, tanks and auxiliary...
Dimensions: 70x95x70mm (BxHxD)
Voltage: 18-33 VDC 100mA
User Defined Extension
User Defined Extension
MS2000 Series Marble  Automation has released the MS2000 series, to report specified alarms in the  engineer’s  or  officer’s  cabin.  Varying from a control...
Dimensions: 80x105 (WxH)
Voltage: 18-28 VDC

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