5 Channel Alarm Unit

The compact MS 5B Alarm Unit has a surprisingly wide range of applications.  Applications like showing the indication of watertight doors. Giving an alarm of Bilges, tanks and auxiliary engines.



  • Compact, which creates the possibility to install the alarm unit at each desired location   
  • Channel texts can be adapted by the user, thanks to a slide-in window  
  • Defect alarm lights are ruled out because of the use of LED’s
  • Integrated LED-test
  • Alarm Unit directly connected to the alarm horn



  • Dimensions: 72x96x75mm (WxHxD)
  • Cut out: 68x92 (WxH)
  • Power supply 24Vdc
  • 5 digital N.O. and N.C. inputs
  • 1 lock input N.C./N.O.
  • 1 group output N.C./N.O.
  • Galvanically seperated inputs
  • Potential free alarm output


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* Downloads are visible after login

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