8 Point Tank Sounding System (Control Unit)

The MS808 electro pneumatic tank sounding and sentry system is based on the bubble type principle. Air is used for level measurement of fluids inside tanks and in bilge pits. Also potable water/fresh water tanks can be measured.

One accurate sensor is placed in the MS808 Tank Sounding System cabinet which intermittently registers the pressure in the tubing which is connected to the tanks. Values are stored in a CPU and presented in the LCD screen showing the actual level in cm (inches) and in a bar graph %  together with the tank name.



  • Bubble type fluid level sensing and indication
  • Easy to mount and to put in operation
  • No engineers required for commissioning/ no laptops!
  • Simple tubing to tanks
  • Fit for MDO-(sea)water-black/grey water-potable/fresh water-bilge pit etc.
  • 8 measuring tubes + 2 sensors = 10 levels
  • Continuous measuring and indication
  • Fully automatic purge
  • Continuous reading at one tank during bunkering (Filling)
  • High accuracy
  • Fits to most existing tubing of present bubble type systems
  • Favorable price level!


Easy extensions

  • Data link to ships computer
  • Read out at screen possible
  • Low and high fluid level alarm with MS10B Alarm unit


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