Printer Server

A small alarm system can be built using the MS
10B Alarm Annunciator: Ideal for a small new
boat build or when refitting an existing system.
A maximum of 100 digital alarm inputs, 30
inhibit inputs and 30 outputs are available.
A printer can be attached for to print out alarms.


•  Easy to set up thanks to self-learning printer controller
•  Modular setup, 1 to 10 alarm units can be connected.
•  1 to max. 10 alarm units



•  Dimensions: 144x72x110 (WxHxD)
•  Cut out: 68x138 (HxW)
•  Power supply: 18-36VDC
•  Current: 145mA max
•  Power output for Marble printer: 5VDC
•  Printer Interface: Serial RS 232
•  EEPROM time registration: 16kb
•  Number of registrations: 2700Printer
•  Dimensions: 100x75x150 (WxHxD)
•  Paper: 57.5xMax ø 50mm

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