NMEA Activatie Unit

The MS425B NMEA Activation Unit is an extra input device for the BNWAS. This device can be implied when there is no “auto pilot engaged” hard output available on the auto pilot.

To prevent expensive modifications to the auto pilot to create a hard output for the BNWAS, connect the MS425B NMEA Activation Unit to your autopilot and this  will provide an “auto pilot engaged” output for your BNWAS.

The MS425B NMEA Activation Unit will read out the NMEA data and a relay contact will be activated when the selected feature is active.

These features are:

  1. Auto pilot engaged
  2. Speed higher than 3 knots
  3. Speed higher than 0,5 knots.

These features can be selected by a dipswitch mounted inside the  MS425B NMEA Activation Unit.



  • NMEA input
  • Relay output
  • Adjustable with DIP switch
  • Run indication
  • Message indication
  • Relay on indication
  • Error indication
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