Tachograaf Box (Set)

Being able to continue sailing means more efficiency. RVBR chapter 23 demands that a Tachograph needs to be on board, when sailing outside block-hours.  The MS 715 is specially made for this purpose, and meets
all requirements that are laid down in the statutory laws. To sail outside block hours, a well functioning, approved Tachograph is compulsory. This Tachograph need to be in operation from (at least) the beginning of the last continuous resting time of 8 (A1 mode) or 6 (A2 mode) hours, and needs to be available at all times for the inspection.

The MS715B is approved by the Fachstelle der WSV für Verkehrstechniken (FVT) which is the competent authority to approve tachographs the MS715B and the installers in accordance to the regulations of the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR). The certification type approval number is R-1-600.

A list of authorized installers can be found on this internetpage:


Investing in the MS 715 means you will be able and are allowed to sail more hours.  This means: SAILING EFFICIENCY!

  • Only one appliance for a maximum of three propellers
  • Easy functionality
  • Memory for the registration of past sailing time details 
  • Very compact
  • External printer connection
  • Can be installed easily thanks to the supplied connection cable


  • Power supply: 18-36 Vdc
  • Current: 145 mA max
  • Maximum propellers: 3
  • Power output sensors: 24Vdc
  • Signal sensors: NPN en PNP
  • Power output printer: 5Vdc
  • Printer Interface: Serial RS 232
  • EEPROM time registration:16Kb
  • Number of registrations: 2700
  • Certified by RDW
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