Emergency Telegraph

Marble Automation has developed an Lloyds Register type approved Emergency Telegraph. The MS 325 is designed specifically to give commands if the regular system fails. Commands for the bridge are transmitted to the engine room through the MS-325. This way, operation of all equipment remains possible. All units are the same, later to be configured as Master or Slave. The possibility for a three unit system is available. The modbus communication reduces the cabling. Every unit has a potential free contact and a buzzer inside. Also the communication to the VDR is available. All this together makes the Emergency Telegraph complete.



The MS 325 is simply applicable in all frequently occurring situations. Many advantages can be achieved: 

  • In case of lost control of the  motor/pitch, operation still stays possible  
  • By using LEDs, defect indication lights are rules out
  • LEDs do not blind, due to the built-in dimming function
  • Cabling costs are reduced due to a two wire communication line
  • Can be directly connected to a Voyage Data Recorder
  • Bridge unit can be connected to two (2) engine room slave units.



The MS 325 can be applied in all ships that have a remote controlled engine of a propeller with a variable pitch.



  • 11 positions (9 commands / 2 signals)
  • Position indication by LEDs
  • 2 units system (bridge & engine room)
  • Posibility to use one (1) bridge unit, connected to up to two (2) engine room slave units
  • Two wire bus connection between the units (Modbus RTU)
  • Can be easily connected to a Voyage Data Recorder
  • Dimensions 96x144x60mm (WxHxD)
  • cut out: 91x139x60mm (WxHxD)
  • Power supply 24Vdc


Option: MS325 Box

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