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Luxury yacht: Ribelle


The custom sailing sloop Ribelle is 32.64 metres of modern carbon and titanium, complemented with a bright and modern interior decor. She fully meets her experienced owners’ brief to experiment with new materials while simultaneously providing all the comforts of home on the water. Moreover, we have ensured she has the ideal qualities to excel in the world’s superyacht regattas.

Ribelle’s modern and slick naval architecture and exterior design were devised on the drawing boards of Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design. Built by our partners at Green Marine in the UK, her hull and superstructure are made from carbon fibre – a feat that required a great deal of careful design thinking. This resulted in a lightweight displacement of just 84 tonnes, permitting Ribelle to achieve speeds of more than 20 knots in moderate conditions.

Alarm and Monitoring

The Ribelle is completely equipped with Marble’s Alarm, Monitoring and Control System (AMCS). Starting with the main Alarm and Monitoring System, which gathers all the alarm points on board the vessel to a centralized point which displays and signals all the alarms on board.

This gives the engineer a quick and user friendly overview from a single position instead of going around the engine room and vessel to check every component one by one.

From a simple level switch to critical equipment, like the hydraulics and main engine. Not only is the equipment under supervision of the AMS, it also includes human presence signaling and alarming in and around the vessel when armed.

Tank Monitoring

Monitoring of the yacht’s tanks is done by the Tank Monitoring System (TMS) Each tank is being monitored and alarmed with great accuracy. Use it when refueling for example, so no fuel is being spilled and wasted.

Power Management

The Power Management System (PMS) is the most important component on board. Controlling and monitoring every power source and consumer on board to keep the vessel running 24/7.

Control and monitor the different sources like the shore connection, generators and battery system from different suppliers from a single panel in the engine room or from the other monitoring positions on board. The PMS not only keeps components online by starting an extra generator, the PMS also has a smart ‘Group Shedding’ feature that can turn off non-critical power groups based on its power demands and priority.

Because, who needs the washing machine running when you just need that little extra of your hydraulic system to win that competition ;)

Monitoring and control of machinery and more…

Several components are being monitored and alarmed by Marble. The main engine and generators condition are under supervision of the AMCS for high and low temperatures and pressures. Every pump, valve, navigation and exterior light and more can be controlled and monitored from one of the several positions on board the vessel. Keeping everything onboard within reach without having to walk up and down, forward an back around decks.

Sales Manager

Stefan Meun-Visser
+31 527 687 953 / +31 613 738 776